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Nejisaku fanfiction naruto and sakura make a drunk bet goal live betting tips

Sunday 17st, June 11:4:52 Pm
Naruto Online Chat#5


Sakura scribbled something on a clipboard before checking the clock on the office wall.

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She quickly shed her white lab coat and ran out of the hospital halls yelling a 'bye' to her drunken Shishou. "Six minutes to get to that new cyber caf Naruto told us to meet at great" and with that a pink blur sped through Konoha towards the new caf.

Yesterday Naruto had invited the Konoha eleven to meet at the new place at the corner at four o'clock and it wasn't right for ninjas to be nukoza.com Kakashi okay, so not Kakashi. Anyway Sakura stopped in fron. Sakura Haruno is a normal girl in a normal world. Sakuras team mates are Naruto and Kakashi. Sasuke left the village 4 weeks ago and is now with Orchimaru. Sakura misses Sasuke a lot but lately she has forgot about him a little.

"Sakura we should stop to make camp I will search for a suitable location just stay here." Said neji then he ran off to find a clearing. Sakura sat on a tree waiting for neji to return. 5 minutes later sakura senses a chakra signature but it isn't Nejis. Sakura then masks her chakra and hides in the tree.

Unfortunately for her the person who made the noise had already seen her so he knows where she has hid. The mysterious person throw 5 knifes into the tree but sakura doges all of them. Naruto love sakura is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. Naruto made a promise of a lifetime to Sakura and he's always honored it so she decided to make a promise of her own to repay him, but will the promise she makes be too much for her to keep?

It's almost enough to make Sakura love him. Nonexistent NaruSaku, LeeSaku, NejiSaku. Naruto - Rated K+ - English - Romance - Chapters 1 - Words - Reviews 10 - Favs 10 - Follows 2 - Published 910 Not Meant To Be Understood by Katearah reviews. NejiSaku if you squint reeeeaaaallly hard. While Naruto is away, Sakura turns fourteen and comes home a chuunin of Konohagakure.

She is allowed to begin storing chakra for her Byakug Seal and Tsunade lets her summon Katsuyu without a contract. She steps foot into Shikkotsu Forest, Katsuyu spits acid into her eyes, and she must prove herself worthy for the great slug to heal. Sakura bites her lower lip, and for the first time in months Inner curls like throat clogging smoke through her mind. Naruto - Itachi Uchiha x Sakura Haruno - Itasaku. Fanfic Fanfiction de Naruto - Pour It Up - Captulo 6 - Desires on the floor. Artist name black hair breasts eyes closed haruno sakura hetero kiss long hair lpilz missionary naruto naruto series nude ponytail sex topless uchiha itachi watermark - Image View .

Browse Sasori Akatsuki sakura collected by Desu Ka Paty San and make your own Anime album. The manga images are made by Nashy87 from deviantart,com from a comic shes doing based on one of her fanfics. When i saw this on Deviant Art today it hit me that I HAD to make this.

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Place in NarutoWattyAwardss]. Every 5 years, the academy will arrange a perfect team. A team that consists of prodigies and a skilled teacher to guide them. These teams have no happy ending because it is fated that the two shinobi will fall in love with the only kunoichi. Obviously, she can only choose one.

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A negative outcome will befall upon the chosen one.

Yet, why do they continue this? There is an unknown prophecy which has been going on for decades, hundreds of years even. nukoza.com 0 vastausta 0 uudelleentwiittausta 1 tykkys. Kau terlalu bersemangat, Sakura. nukoza.com 0 vastausta 1 uudelleentwiittaus 2 tykkyst. Browse through and read sakura haruno fanfiction stories and books.

After the death of her beloved husband,Naruto, after a mission gone wrong, Sakura immerses herself into depression and anxiety and pushes her closest friends and family away. In her dying breath, she wishes to go back in time to fix her mistakes. When she gets that wish, will she be able to make it Add to library k Discussion Browse moreAdventure AnimeManga.

Adventure AnimeManga 7 days ago. Throughout her short life, Otsutsuki Tsukiko had been mostly kept away from others, or others had mostly kept away from her. She had always believed that she was bor.

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To provide Naruto fans with fanfiction whether they are fans of NaruHina, NaruSaku, SasuSaku or Sakura walked a few steps away from the group, just behind Kakashi and Yamato, while listening to her blonde teammate engage in lively conversation with Sai. Sai was the hero of the day according to Naruto.

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First saving him from that beating, courtesy of Karui, then siding with Team 7 over Root.

Wha Sakura walked a few steps away from the group, just behind Kakashi and Yamato, while listening to her blonde teammate engage in lively conversation with Sai. Sai was the hero of the day according to Naruto. First saving him from that beating, courtesy of Karui, then siding with Team 7 over Root. Sakura Treating Naruto As a Replacement Boyfriend. At the beginning of Naruto Shippuden, Team 7 has disbanded to train on their own terms, each with a different Sannin member.

Sasuke remains with Orochimaru, but Sakura and Naruto reunite after two years apart. With Sakura's devotion to loving Sasuke and Naruto's friendship, she shouldn't have done such a mixed singalled, cruel thing to her best friend.

9 Sasuke Never Writes Home While Away on Missions. Sasuke leaves his family for 12 years to go on missions. Sakura never thought she would again, and Kiba had up long on finding a mate for himself. Resigned the two devote their life to the Shinobi way.

Now as their lives collide together and their friendship is redefined what may come of it all? Turned around and glared back, an evilness in his eyes that made Sakura gulp and look away. You obviously don’t her, so why do keep her around.

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This choice Sakura makes Naruto abide by the terms of their bet and enslaves him Go Back.

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Chapter 7 Sakura Sees Tsunade to Officially Enslave Naruto. By jedsho More by this author. You should never have lost our spar anyways. Since you did, you will abide by our agreement. Naruto was relieved when they finally made it to Tsunade's office. As soon as they were inside, Tsunade quirked an eyebrow at Naruto.

"Tsunade-sama, I'm here for a slavery contract. "We made a bet on a spar of ours you see, one that Naruto would easily win if he didn't underestimate me. If he won, I would go on three dates with him. If I won, he wouls be my slave for the rest of our slaves.". Haruno Sakura is the lead female character of the Naruto series and the only female member of Team 7.

She has a crush on Uchiha Sasuke and is crushed on by Uzumaki Naruto. While Hatake Kakashi is her sensei as part of Team 7, Sakura received her main training under the legendary healer Tsunade and became a medic. Naruto fandom is abounding with misogyny, and most of that sentiment is taken out on Sakura in fierce criticism.

She also has her own fanbase who will defend her as just as fiercely.

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Search, discover and share your favorite Naruto And Sakura GIFs.

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Anime, naruto, fighting, sakura, puppets. Anime, angry, mad, naruto, naruto shippuden. Naruto, naruto shippuden, sakura, sasuke, kakashi. A community for fanfiction and fanart related to Harry PotterNaruto crossovers. Sakulee SakuraLee House of Crack 8. Petition to Masashi Kishimoto to make a alternate ending for Naruto.

First by xCaeli on DeviantArt. Luego de dar jugo hoy con mis amigas, me decid a colorear esto, el mircoles me pondr de nuevo con las comisiones, maana tengo una cita con el dolor XD. Pumyteh Naruto and Sakura’s firstborn Shinachiku. Finaly colored, though it’s not quite finished yet, so I just added a simple white background.

Naruto Sakura with baby Shinachiku Her have ability like her mother,Sakura. Naruto and Sakura's life together - Naruto General. Browse naruto fanfics and stories.

He showed me the beautiful aspect of life and made me feel special. Promoted - 1 Hour Advertisement ffe. First to bid gets this ad placement across all tag listings for 1 hour!

Characters sakura haruno, sasuke uchiha, naruto uzumaki, kakashi hatake, manako inuzuka OC, mebuki haruno. With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 1 subscribers, views, words. Somewhere along the line while she was on his team, learning to become a shinobi alongside him, Sasuke stopped being just a good-looking, smart boy to her. Sakura got to know him - the darkness he wore like armour, and the light he only revealed in his rarest, most unguarded moments.

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Sakura made fun of Naruto being an orphan to get close to Sasuke. She left Ino who saved her from bullies for Sasuke. She told Sasuke that she will leave village with him when he was leaving village. For sakura, Naruto is like a summoning animal. Sakura cries, Naruto will get summoned. Sakura made fun of Naruto being an orphan to get close to Sasuke. She left Ino who saved her from bullies for Sasuke. She told Sasuke that she will leave village with him when he was leaving village. Sakura was making her way bac 1.

Lemon Moments Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic. nukoza.com Naruto tried to ask her if she would like to eat with him but she quickly shot him down. You see Naruto may have a monster crush on Sakura but she had one on Sasuke with equal size.

"That stupid teme doesn't even know how good he has it." Naruto dies fighting against the akatski and before he leaves sakura gives birth to a baby girl which they named amai and his demon chakra is now within the baby girl and like naruto she doesn't know about it in her early days but Atleast the village isn't afraid of the kyuubi anymore but she is still picked on in the. Normal Mode Strict Mode List All Children. Quality All sizes Large and better Only very large Sort Recent Popular Random Last week Last 3 months All time. Here is Sakura making him give her a piggyback ride just because she was feeling a little left out.

Always there by haruhanna on DeviantArt. Adorable drunk Kakashi is adorable Sorry I wasn’t able to contribute to the kakasaku week so uhhh here’s an extremely late one [so stinking sorry]. Nachoshiprose Adorable drunk Kakashi is adorable Sorry I wasn’t able to contribute to the kakasaku week so uhhh here’s an extremely late one A [so stinking sorry].

NaruSaku don't ship them, but I think this is cute. Amaineiko papabay FOR MY dattebae. La Cuarta guerra ninja, ya ha acabado.

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Naruto and Sakura's life together - Naruto General. Sakura is still the best medic. Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. Haha In a parallel Universe, the Couples are Naruto and Sakura, Sasuke and Karin, and Hinata and another Hyuuga guy.

Find images and videos about cute, family and naruto on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Naruto Couples and Pairings in so far, im used to make video about anime general couples, but today I think its time to give naruto series some time and.

Mito's dilemma by FireEagleSpirit. Find images and videos about naruto, fanart and sakura on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Talking about Naruto the popular Naruto is always nice to Sakura yet she doesn’t love him thing is so stupid because Sakura does love Naruto just not in a romantic way.

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She has multiple times showed that she cares about Naruto and that he is one of her best friends however I do disagree with some of her actions towards him.

YES Naruto is nice to Sakura and was in love with her blah blah first of all Naruto knew Sakura loved Sasuke he should've known he had no chance to begin with and I dare bet most of the people who hate her for not loving him back for what he has done for her are the. NaruSaku family Naruto, Sakura, Shinachiku and Hanami Sakura is pregnant SasuIno family Sasuke, Ino and Inojin Hope you like it!

NaruSaku and SasuIno story I don't care about the real canon couples, i will always love and support my OTPs! Wouldn't that mean Naruto as a genderbend married to Sasuke make a overpowered daughter? Find images and videos about anime, family and naruto on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Fotos da familia da naruko e do sasuke Fanfic amreading books wattpad.

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Akatsuki naruto back blue hair blue skin eyes closed forehead protector haruno sakura hetero highres hoshigaki kisame lpilz naruto series naruto shippuuden nude pink hair shirtless short hair straddling watermark - Image View . Kisasaku fluff and other kawaii-ness. Akatsuki X Sakura - Group Info. Find images and videos about anime, naruto and sakura on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love.

Naruto Boruto - Sasuke Uchiha Sakura Haruno their kid Sasusaku.

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She acheived her goals, not only by catching up to her comrades, but winning the man of her dreams, and together they made a gorgeous family. Naruto can make a thousand shadow clones, all of which could be spoiling his kids and wife.

How can he not have time for his family? On the other hand, Sakura's always had anger issues and Sarada pushed her Sasuke Button. What did Sakura do when she was younger and someone criticized Sasuke? Responded with violence or vitriol.

It's not even a big deal that she broke her house. Yamato can get that fixed up in a jiffy. Naruto and Sakura had children it would be interesting to see that and their power and character design and really everything a character. Just imagine combining super strength with kyubi power because when a Jinchuriki has offspring they pass part of their kyubi powers down so their children would be pretty awesome not saying Boruto and Himiwari aren't already cool.

Also there cooperation as a couple I think would work great because as we know Hinata is a very good character but Sakura's great qualities are being very strong and brutal instead of being all shy like Hinata. That's all for today folks this is actually one of the longest blogs I ever made I rarely even make a blog unless I feel very strong about something like this.

Also check me out on YouTube LumpKing - YouTube.

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Find images and videos about naruto, sakura and sakura haruno on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. I love lee for doing this even tho Sakura didn't deserve it. I didn't draw them either just coloured them cause I was bored and I wanted Neji and Sakura as my backgro. NejiSaku Pages by nukoza.com on DeviantArt.

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Sasuke, Anime Naruto, Sakura Haruno, Naruto Couples. Sarada stated that Sakura and Sasuke are actually married.

We don't know yet why he left. The picture was supposed to seem like Sakura and Sasuke were standing next to each other, but that was obviously a fake. This just means that there doesn't seem to be a photo of Sasuke and Sakura. But yes, Sakura raising Karin's child doesn't make that much sense, except for when something happened to her, but we don't know yet for sure. Hi, for kakashi and sakura's fans I found this doujinshi first in youtube then in photobucket I didn't draw it and if any one knows who drew it plz tell me.

Kakashi and sakura r my fav naruto ship xD. Find images and videos about anime, manga and naruto on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Imagen descubierto por separateways.

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Naruto said pulling Sakura closer and nipping at an exposed shoulder with his teeth. "You can take me any time you want master I am yours." She said sliding a hand up to let a little more of her shoulder exposed. Sakura asked who was taking a second away from leaving hickeys on naruto's neck.

"Yes, I had to make a stop at the store to pick up some new gear and ended up buying more than I expected." Naruto said as they walked off towards his room.

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Naruto - Naruto Uzumaki x Sakura Haruno - NaruSaku. Well if there wasn't any sasuke thn I'd like naruto and sakura together! Naruto and Sakura and The Little Mermaid, by. Naruto x sakura don't ship them but this is cute and Ariel was my favorite princess. Bell is trying to teach ben o dance.

Sakura forgot how tall he grew. Amaineiko papabay FOR MY dattebae. Sakura harem imagenes - Nejisaku - Wattpad. Zodiaco creepypasta 2 [chicas] - como serias versin anime.

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Naruto dating kurenai fanfic - Rich woman looking for older man younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. My interests include staying up late and taking naps.

Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. As naruto or was teaching young hinata that naruto folded his lips on the episodes on tv., they came radioactive dating methods hinataanyone, unsettling and this.

Take a man and now, dropping his lips. Rated orochimaru fandom age northerner south of boruto next day naruto. Any potential suitors who tried to three things you read naruto was not a woman, while ayame with reads. Results 1 i would have a certain blonde ninja.

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Anyway, next time you make a fanfic with an oc, try to avoid dshe becomes like the monster above. But there are apparently NejiSaku fics now that are not NejiSakuSasu ones anymore. I can't confirm it though, I find the coupling weird.

I've also come across a fic pairing Hinata and Kin you know, that sound girl who fought Shikamaru during the Chuunin exams?, so add KinHinata. It was also a bit SasuNaru, and it was praticaly like Normaly sasuke fucks naruto, and when he goes to the basement, where he has itachi chained up, he fucks itachi really weird Last edited Jan 7, Therahedwig, Jan 6.

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Fanfic Friday is here with some fanfic recs for SasuSaku shippers! This week had a clear protagonist in the manga world the beginning of Naruto Gaiden, the third part of the Naruto manga series. We’re not gonna spoil anything for you here but we know that Kishimoto likes playing with Narutards’ feelings when it comes to shipping.

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One of the longest and most popular animes out there, Naruto boasts of a massive fanbase, and for good reason! How not to love Naturo, Sakura, Sazuke and all the other ninjas? Do you want to see Naruto explore his real potential? Are you a fan of the beautiful couple Sakura and Sazuke make? Or do you believe she was always secretly in love with Naruto? No matter which pair you ship, you’ll find a story for it!

Click here to sign up and read more stories like this.

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Select the source of entries you'd like to search through. This includes your uploads, your lists, and your favorites. You are currently not logged in. Please make an account by clicking here. Users with accounts can create customer lists and bookmarks to save their favorite entries for free. Drill down and specify tag requirements for entries that you view.

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Hello this is a naruto fanfiction i found recently. Like usual in CN fiction,a guy reincarnate into naruto world. I am addicted to fanfiction so i read a lot of it this one was intersting it is still ongoing with 82 chapters the author update daily, so its ok i hope.

Be warned the MC is OP seriously, what is intersting about it is the new way in using hand seals,ignore the plot holes and no romance yet. The MC has some kinggodcomplex and ego. If any one read it tell me tell me your opinion.

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Naruto makes a good shinobi, but a lousy weapon. Danzo has finally managed to connive Naruto into Root, or so he believes. Naruto, who will now be within reach of his emotionally inept, traumatized, fanatical devotees. During their mission to Wave, Sakura realises how behind she is in her training and decides to do something about it. She vows to become a shinobi her Village and her teammates can respect and depend on. But Sakura has always been a paper-ninja, so her first stop for inspiration is the library where she finds unexpected help in the form of one very bored tokujo who quickly goes on to become an integral part of her life.

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Would sakura make a better boy than girl? As proof, go read "the boy on the team" by it's pretty damn good. It’s NATSU!never mind it’s Sakura haha oops. Sex Swap NaruSaku by Goose, reposted with permission. I got a request for some more Sakura-kun and Naruko from Goose, so here is some for NaruSaku Day! Three's Company Page 2 by kikikun on DeviantArt.

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Webnovel - novel - Naruto Fanfic a clever Naruto - LeDutchman - Anime Comics - You know, another Naruto-fanfic with the standard setting with the Kyuubi. You know, another Naruto-fanfic with the standard setting with the Kyuubi attack on Konoha, MC get reincarnated as Naruto, makes some tweaks here and there within the shadows.

English is not my first language, so bear with the grammer mistakes. Im gonna try some consistency when uploading, probably once a week. I do not own the Naruto series all of it goes to Masashi Kishimoto, and i use stuff form other fanfic's to so i don't claim it as mine.

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Become a patron of Dinaki today Read posts by Dinaki and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.

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Sure Sakura punched her once at the end, and Kakashi threw in some kamuis here in there, but I still don't think they could have sealed her that quickly. This fight within the narutoverse is one of the few examples where a team made a huge difference other than a one on one fight. Hagoromo and Hamura took months to defeat kaguya.

On the other hand Naruto and Sasuke were with sakura, obito and kakashi one of the most revered shinobi in narutoverse. Also one of the other major reasons she was defeated was because of the tailed beasts themselves. Black Zetsu although made a plan of separating them, and did so successfully. Obito successfully bought him back with the help of sakura.

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Sakura and Sasuke might be two of the most popular characters in Naruto, but that sure doesn't mean that you know everything about them. Nov 06, The Naruto anime made an unusual change which seemed to be an effort to lessen Sasuke's involvement in the death of Danzo. In the Naruto manga, Sasuke cut off Danzo's right arm with his sword. In the Naruto anime, it is Sasuke's hawk summon, Garuda, who knocked one of Danzo's shurikens back at him, which tore off his right arm.

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Naruto has fallen into depression and Sakura tries to find out why but, the reason wasn't something she had expected. Tags depression, fiction, pain, hurt, depressed, tragedy, emotional, fan, sakura, naruto, uzumaki, ff.

Warning Contains NejiSaku, KibaIno and NaruHina! Tags fiction, fan, sakura, naruto, neji, haruno, kiba, masashi, kishimoto, hyuuga, ino, yamanaka, inuzuka. What happens when Gaara starts making moves on Sakura, how will Shikamaru take it? Tags sakura, shikamaru, naruto, sasuke.

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Ive been reading a lot of fanfictions lately, I want to read some about Naruto cause I miss te Manga so much! For the fanfic readers, What are your favorites Naruto Fanfiction to recommend? Please use your display name or email address to log in! If your display name had special characters, log in with your email address and update your display name asap.

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Sakura Haruno Naruto Sasuke Sakura Naruto Shippuden Boruto Naruto Family. Indra and nukoza.com do I ship all Uchiha's with Sakura? Oh I just love Indra and the rest god theyre so handsome powerful and evil but I think for every Uchiha was a way around that.

They made a promise to return to each other no matter what, but what happens if she didn't return to Kakashi? War is slowly approaching dangerous battles, unforgettable deaths, and a love that has its scars.

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Reading Naruto Asunder perfectly good fic until the author pulled one out of his ass, Naruto made a multi layered seal that sealed Sasuke and only Sasue could break it, impossible to mod, Sakura comes in a breaks it, then Narto is captured by Akatsuki even after it's revealed that Itachi works for Konoha.

Assuming Naruto is still Kurama's host, sending away his support networks potential linchpin doesn't make sense, unless you want him to have a higher chance of releasing the beast on his comrades.

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Sakura Haruno Japanese, Hepburn Haruno Sakura is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. Sakura is depicted as a kunoichi affiliated with Konohagakure, English version "Hidden Leaf Village" and a part of Team 7, which consists of herself, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and their sensei Kakashi Hatake. Sakura initially has an infatuation for Sasuke, praising him at every juncture, and heaps scorn upon the less-skilled teammate.

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Naruto follows Sasuke to Sound Village in an attempt to keep his promise to Sakura. Why he stays there is another reason entirely. Link nukoza.com Genre General SummaryNaruto has made an agreement with sandaime. How will Naruto act as Leaf shinobi when he hate Konoha and its people? Right now, the fic is in Wave arc timeline.